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We're passionate about restaurant technology and helping restaurateurs achieve success through tech.

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VoIP Phones

Voice over IP phones. Sold, installed, configured, managed, administered & supported. For real. We will guide you through the extension setup, voice prompts and phone number transfers.

Google G Suite

If you're looking for company communication & collaboration tools, we can help! We are G Suite Business partners and experts in G Suite Apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs...Let us show you how we can help you utilize Google's tools for efficiency while cutting costs!

Security Cameras

The latest and greatest in managed security surveillance. We have complete NVR solutions for all your needs along with the installation and management services to make sure you have consistent remote viewing, access to footage, and control over your business.

Managed IT Services

We provide a full array of managed IT services and security compliance assistance specifically designed for the restaurant & hospitality industry. Network Infrastructure, Security, PCI Compliance, and EMV/Chip Card integrations are our specialty.

Rapid Expansion

For multi-unit restaurant operations positioned for rapid growth, our specialized services can help plan, deploy, and manage IT solutions nationwide at a fast pace.





We think of ourselves as a revolutionary IT MSP catering to restaurants, retail stores and other similar businesses. From us, you get a holistic IT solution consisting of Point of Sale systems along with company communication and collaboration tools, including Google Apps, CCTV Security Camera Systems, Cloud Migration, and Consulting. We offer installation, service, and support for all of it, under one roof, for one monthly price. Our staff fully supports all the products that we implement and acts as your go-to for all your IT needs. We can work as your sole IT department or with your existing IT staff to dramatically lower your overall IT costs. Our services and solutions are a-la-carte, pick one, or pick’em all!



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